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When it comes to chain oils, you need superior performance at affordable prices. Petro-Canada’s line of DURATAC Chain Oils do a great job of lubricating chains, guide bars, journal bearings and sprockets of high-speed chain saws. These are a “once through” line of lubricants; tacky oils designed to reduce dripping and “throw-off” thanks to their stringy & adhesive properties. You can also use these oils for general machine lubrication where a non-drip oil is a must, or when water wash-off is a concern. We also carry Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG food-grade line, which holds up very well even in extreme conditions. All are backed by Petro-Canada’s reputation for quality.

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Duratac Chain oil

Formulated specifically for lubricating the chains, guide bars, journal bearings and sprockets of modern high-speed chain saws.
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Duratac non-drip oils

High quality, general purpose lubricants that are formulated with a tackiness additive that adheres strongly to metal surfaces.
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PC Bar & Chain Oil

Contain LUBE-LOCK Technology designed for greater adherence/tackiness to bars and chains
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Purity FG EP

PURITY FG Chain Fluids are food grade lubricants for all types of drive and conveyor chains as well as bearings found on food processing machinery.
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