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Castle Fuels is pleased to offer you a full selection of industrial oils, fluids and lubricants. We feature products from Petro-Canada, who enjoy a solid reputation in the business. Though their lines serve a variety of industries and applications, they share in common dependability and reliability, engineered for high performance and maximum life. Castle Fuels offers a full line of Petro-Canada products. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look below at some of our products, and reach out to us for any other specific products.

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Blended from ultra pure Petro-Canada HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and a carefully balanced set of lubricant additives to give the best possible performance in tough rock drill applications.
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Provides excellent lubrication while extending service life.
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Reduces stick-slip chatter and wear caused by metal-to-metal contact.
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Calflo (HTF, AF, LT, Synthetic)

CALFLO AF is a highly efficient heat transfer fluid recommended for systems requiring a greater resistance to oxidation operating with bulk temperatures up to 316°C (600°F).
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PETRO-THERM heat transfer oil performs in non-pressurized, liquid phase, closed heat transfer systems operating at bulk fluid temperatures up to 315°C/599°F.
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Purity FG

PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluid is formulated to help lower operating costs by reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs in operations that require a food grade product.
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PC Cleaning Fluid

PC Cleaning Fluid effectively cleans dirty or heavily carbonized systems which have been operating on aromatic based or mineral based heat transfer fluids.
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PC Flushing Fluid

Flushing Fluid is specifically designed to effectively flush out heat transfer systems to remove trapped residual fluids, breakdown Products and other debris.
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Con-Rel-Eze Oil is formulated from ultra pure Petro-Canada HT Hydrocracked base oils and special additives to assure a clean, easy separation of concrete from metal, wooden or plastic forms and to give a fine, stain-free finish to the concrete surface.
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Sepro XL

SEPRO XL Paper Machine Oils are premium performance circulating oils designed to protect equipment and increase uptime. SEPRO XL delivers long equipment life by resisting oil degradation better than competitive conventional oils as measured by ASTM D943 standard oxidation tests.
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Petro-Canada’s TURBOFLO Low Varnish (LV) is a premium turbine fluid designed to lubricate and cool steam, gas and combined cycle turbines and deliver excellent lubrication to bearings operating in severe conditions.
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TURBONYCOIL 600 provides excellent performance for land-based aeroderivative gas turbines operating under extreme conditions which require a lubricant qualified against U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699G Standard (Non-Corrosion Inhibiting) Classification.
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Petro-Canada offers an extensive line of SENTRON Low Ash Products. SENTRON Natural Gas engine oils are premium performance, long-life engine oils for Stationary Gas engines and compressors in a wide variety of applications.
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Premium quality saw guide oils specially designed and tested for modern multi-blade, gang saws and edgers and formulated to provide optimum tackiness and reduced friction for increased recovery rates and sawmill productivity.
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Petroglide MC

A premium quality bandsaw oil specially designed and tested for mist lubricated bandsaws. Mist generation is carefully balanced to effectively lubricate without excessive stray mist. Which minimizes oil usage and contributes to a cleaner environment.
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Rotary cooker fluid

Rotary Cooker Fluid is designed to provide outstanding lubrication performance in continuous rotary cookers and sterilizers, with minimal environmnetal impact on discharge cooling water.
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Super Vac Fluid

SUPER VAC Fluids are blended with semi-synthetic Petro-Canada HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and an additive system to provide extremely low vapour pressures for maximum pump efficiency.
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