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Compressor oils and fluids require a high degree of oxidative stability and strong resistance to deliver consistent performance and maximum service life. Castle Fuels brings you a wide offering of compressor fuels from Petro-Canada, the most dependable and reputable name in the Canadian oils & lubricants business for decades on end.

Whether you’re running industrial air compressors, high temperature / high pressure gas compressors, refrigeration compressors or other exacting systems, you know the importance of employing compressor oils that won’t let you down. You can count on our lineup of compressor oils for longer life, better durability and lower maintenance costs. Get in touch with Castle Fuels today to find out more about our great products or to place your next order for Petro-Canada compressor oils.

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Compro air compressor fluids

Resists oxidative breakdown better than leading mineral oil based fluids.
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SPX compressor fluids

SPX Compressor Fluids are polyglycol synthetic lubricants with lower gas solubility than standard mineral oils. This composition reduces viscosity dilution and greatly improves the separation of the lubricant from the process gas.
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NGS Synthetic blend compressor fluids

Petro-Canada’s NGS 1000 and NGS 1500 Synthetic Blend Compressor Fluids are a custom-blended combination of hydrotreated (HT) mineral oil and polyalphaolefin (PAO) fortified with corrosion inhibitor, lubricity improve, and antifoam additives.
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NG Compressor fluid

Petro-Canada’s Synthetic compressor fluid NG Compressor Oil PAO is specially designed for use in flooded screw compressors in natural gas production and service.
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PURITY FG Compressor Fluids are formulated with SynFX™, an advanced additive technology designed to deliver synthetic-like performance and long lasting protection.
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PURITY FG Synthetic

PURITY FG Synthetic Fluids are for: hydraulic and pneumatic systems, screw and centrifugal compressors, vane compressors and vacuum pumps in food processing plants
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Compressor Oil RP

Compressor Oil RP provides excellent high temperature stability, good lubricity and wear protection for your equipment.
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Full synthetic PAO formula provides exceptional performance and potential cost savings.
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REFLO™ XL Synthetic Blend

A synthetic blend refrigeration compressor fluid used in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.
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Petro Canada compressor cleaner

A specially formulated synthetic fluid for cleaning varnish and sludge from compressors while they are operating. Petro-Canada Compressor Cleaner contains oxidation and rust inhibitors, and may be used as a short term compressor lubricant (up to 400 hours).
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