Automotive Gear Oils

Extend equipment life

Better results for the bottom line

Reduce downtime and extend maximum service life with Petro-Canada’s line of automotive gear oils.

TRAXON axle/gear and manual transmission fluids are built from decades of expertise and with world class technologies, giving stellar shear stability and long oil life. For your fleet that means longer equipment life, better application coverage, increased reliability and component life, running better under adverse conditions, and (last but not least!) lower downtime and maintenance costs.

DEXRON®-VI§ brings you enhanced anti-foam control, anti-wear protection and low temperature fluidity protects parts such as bearings, bushings and gears.

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Synthetic extreme pressure automotive axle lubricants formulated to provide excellent wear protection to extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
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Multigrade gear fluids that extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
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