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With Castle Fuels, you can keep your fleet running on the road with no hiccups. We serve the BC Interior with bulk fuel, DEF, lubricants and equipment. We’re an increasingly attractive supply alternative with competitive pricing and reliable service to both large and small customers. Castle Fuels features Petro-Canada products.

410 Panorama Road,  Athalmer BC

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    Mon – Fri  8am to 4pm CARDLOCK ONLY

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    • SuperPass
    • Gas Mkd
    • Lubes
    • Oil Dispenser
    • Use Oil Drop
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    • Propane
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    • Available 24/7
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    Talk to us today about the many benefits of obtaining an account with Castle Fuels. We would be glad to arrange both business credit accounts as well as personal credit accounts.

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    BC Interior’s Fuel Products Leader

    Nestled in the Rockies along the shores of picturesque Windermere Lake, beautiful Invermere is an idyllic spot in the BC Interior. Invermere is a great stop along BC Highway 95 – the Kootenay Highway – and sits north of Fairmont Hot Springs and south of beautiful Kootenay National Park. Castle Fuels is proud to serve the Invermere community and all those who pass through.

    Invermere’s unique location being situated along Highway 95, close to Calgary, and in between both Banff National Park and the US border provides an ideal stop for businesses and passersby to fuel up. Our extensive network of cardlocks, fueling stations, and fuel delivery trucks provides a means for businesses to save on their bottom line with their delivery and transportation systems. With reliable and affordable fueling solutions, Castle Fuels has your best interest in mind so that your business can continue to thrive. Contact us today to learn more!

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    Fleet Fueling & On-site Delivery Services

    Being in a relatively remote part of British Columbia, for local businesses to expand and deliver their good and services, they need feasible transportation methods that won’t eat away at their bottom line. That’s where Castle Fuels comes in. With the fluctuating prices of gas and diesel, our team is professionally trained to help you optimize your fuel consumption in order to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.

    Castle Fuels has a variety of fuel services that are sure to provide you with a convenient and reliable solution for your business. We provide fleet fuelling services and on-site delivery – even to the most remote locations. Our extensive network of fueling stations and fuel delivery trucks will help your business reach a larger market and help you continue to grow. Contact us today to learn more about our services to find out how we can help you and your business.

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    Building partnerships with clients, creating long-lasting business relationships based on trust & respect

    Using advanced technology & processes of continuous improvement to deliver stellar services

    Understanding what our clients do, why and how they do it, so that we can help them achieve their best results

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