How To Recycle Used Oil | Fuel & Lubricant Distribution | Castle Fuels

February 10, 2016
Feb 10th2018


Participating locations:

– Kamloops
– Salmon Arm
– 100 Mile House
– Cranbrook
– Golden
– Invermere

Castle Fuels recycles the following products:

– Waste Oil
– Oil Filters
– Used Plastic Containers: oil, washer fluid, diesel exhaust fluid and antifreeze containers.

Waste oil is drained into a large holding tank at each of our Castle Fuels (2008) Inc locations. Terrapure Environmental pumps out the used oil and re-refines it into either an industrial or automotive lubricant. The waste oil that is not suitable for re-refining will be used in asphalt production or burner fuel. The used oil filters are crushed and the metal is sent for recycling.

Used plastic containers are loaded onto a Castle Fuels (2008) Inc. freight truck and shipped to M & R Environmental in Delta, BC.

The plastics are categorized by number, cleaned and chipped. They are then shipped to Merlin Plastics where they are made into new products such as household and industrial cleaning bottles, oil and detergent containers, drainage pipes, buckets and drain tiles for septic tanks.

Castle Fuels (2008) Inc. would like to encourage all of our patrons to practice recycling.

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