Castle Fuels | Fire Extinguisher Training

March 30, 2021
Mar. 30 2021
Fire extinguisher training is important not only for learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher, but also for learning the different types of fires and how to properly put them out. With safety being our number one priority, we make sure to have our staff trained and knowledgeable on fire safety.
As there are five basic classes of fire extinguishers, it is crucial the right extinguisher is placed in the right area since they are meant to combat different types of fires. A Fire Extinguisher Safety Course can teach you when to use the different types of extinguishers, and also provides the confidence to know what to do when a situation arises. Seen below is the water fire extinguisher and our Kamloops staff learning all about how to properly use one.
Having the knowledge and the means to put out a small fire can help people stay calm, and help prevent small situations from turning into larger ones.


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