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For your fuel and lubricant needs

With Castle Fuels, you can keep your fleet running on the road with no hiccups. We serve the BC Interior with bulk fuel, DEF, lubricants and equipment. We’re an increasingly attractive supply alternative with competitive pricing and reliable service to both large and small customers. Castle Fuels features Petro-Canada products.

725 Douglas Fir Road, Sparwood BC

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    BC Interior’s Fuel Products Leader

    Sparwood is a Rocky Mountain community in the Elk valley. Surrounded by many parks and beautiful scenery, Sparwood is largely a coal mining and logging town with a population of 4200. Situated right on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, on the Elk river, it is famous for its Terex Titan, once the largest trucks in the world.

    Our goal is to build partnerships and to create long-lasting business relationships with clients from every community that we serve – big or small. Remote industries like coal mining and logging are ones that we know that our economy heavily depend on. That’s why we provide exceptional service in delivering fuel products to the businesses that need them the most. Our working fleet of fuel trucks and dedicated bulk DEF delivery trucks are here for you 24/7 for all of your fueling needs. Contact us today to learn how we continue to deliver stellar fuel services and are able to help businesses all over Canada to thrive and grow.

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    Helping Canadian Businesses Maximize Their Potential

    Are you a local business owner in Sparwood that’s looking to maximize your productivity and improve the efficiency of your business? Look no further than Castle Fuels. We provide industry leading petroleum products and fuel solutions to businesses and communities all across Canada. Our goal is to be the leading wholesale marketer in all of the communities that we operate in, and Sparwood is one location that we proudly serve.

    Heavy machinery and transportation costs have a significant impact on the bottom line of many businesses. Our high-quality petroleum products, experienced gas experts, and fully licensed team are equipped with everything that your business needs to optimize the logistics of your business. Whether you need timely fuel delivery, bulk DEF, or petroleum lubricants to maximize the efficiency of your machinery, Castle Fuels has your back. Castle Fuels is dedicated to providing you with fueling solutions that minimize your downtime and are able to conveniently integrate with your operating schedule. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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    Principles of work

    Building partnerships with clients, creating long-lasting business relationships based on trust & respect

    Using advanced technology & processes of continuous improvement to deliver stellar services

    Understanding what our clients do, why and how they do it, so that we can help them achieve their best results

    Keeping truck fleets and other industries up and running by providing quality, reliable products & service